Mozilla Reps Newsletter - October 2018


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Council update:

  1. Shape Firefox’s marketing plan.
    We need your inputs
  2. We want you for the new Campaign!
    Visit discourse post We want you for the new Campaign!
  3. Recognition Alert: Thank you for participating at the Dark Funnel Campaign
  4. Community Coordinator role is here! Read more
  5. How should an event page for a meetup look like? Need Feedback
    How should an event page for a meetup look like? - Community Feedback
  6. Council elections are ON. Do not forget to vote. Please go here and cast your vote!

Rep of the month:

Read more : Rep of the Month - September 2018

Campaign Updates:

*Thank you for participating at the Dark Funnel Campaign

Thanks to your hard work and love for Firefox this week more than 1000 websites were reported from more than 50 countries. By our efforts together, we now understand more of the dark funnel than we ever have before and the Firefox teams are ready to use this knowledge to make sure that all Firefox users have a safe and positive experience.


  • 51 countries participated
  • 200 participants from around the globe

What did we do:

  • 1564 issues filled
  • 98% were value issues
  • 1060 unique download links and 941 unique urls
  • 94 custom builds from China

Global Participation:

read more Thank you for participating at the Dark Funnel Campaign

What new is coming : Campaigns and activate

  • New activate website is coming into October that will include campaigns
  • New campaign mailing list
  • More exciting campaigns

*Participate in First-ever Mozilla Campus Clubs coding challenge!

Registration for all University students who are curious, love solving complex issues, and are familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Object Oriented Programming will be participating.


The top 5 students from the whole program, with the most meaningful contributions will receive the following:

  • A swag pack
  • The opportunity to work closely with Mozilla engineers on important issues
  • A certificate of excellence
  • A recommendation on LinkedIn or a relevant platform of your choice

Read more:

Events Corner:

*Tech Speakers Meetup Paris

Tech Speakers Paris Meetup ended up successfully with security on IOT, WebVR , AR Technologies, privacy on data collection, progressive web apps, deep speech and many areas with our awesome Tech Speakers at Mozilla.

Check out tweets:-

*Mozilla India L10N Meet-up

Recently Mozilla India hosted their L10n meetup. All active and core contributors to Mozilla l10n for Hindi Marathi and Gujarati were invented. This event mainly focused on improving the quality of localised products. Getting more contributors to the localisation community and training them. Since localization is a unique contribution area requiring the development of certain skills to be successful, regular community meetups help communities to establish best practices among themselves on how to translate content across their Mozilla localizations. These meetups increase localization consistency for users, build relevant skills in volunteers for their future success, and provide training for veteran and new localizers on changes to the localization process.

Read more:

*Arabic L10n event:

Arabic L10n team also had hosted their L10n meetup at Amman. The goals of this event was to establish a quality-oriented workflow that emphasizes mentorship between localizers in various roles. Explore how other global organizations do Arabic localization and determine if that’s appropriate for this community. Discuss new localizer roles descriptions created by l10n-drivers and how they apply to Arabic community. CPG and reporting process is understood and accepted by all. Read more


Hacks.Mozilla.Org — A New Way to Support MDN

Starting October first week, some visitors may notice something new on the MDN Web Docs site, the comprehensive resource for information about developing on the open web.

approximately 1% of MDN users, chosen at random, will see a promotional box in the footer of MDN asking them to support MDN through a one-time payment.

Read More at :

Firefox 62 – Tools Cool for School!

It’s been six-odd weeks, and the march of progress continues to, uh… march… progressingly. That means we have a brand new Firefox to share, with an abundance of bug fixes, performance improvements, and (in particular) sweet developer tool treats! So tuck in your napkin and enjoy this tasting menu of some of what’s new in Firefox 62.

Read More at :

Introducing Firefox Monitor, Helping People Take Control After a Data Breach

Data breaches, when information like your username and password are stolen from a website you use, are an unfortunate part of life on the internet today. It can be hard to keep track of when your information has been stolen, so we’re going to help by launching Firefox Monitor, a free service that notifies people when they’ve been part of a data breach. After testing this summer, the results and positive attention gave us the confidence we needed to know this was a feature we wanted to give to all of our users.

Explore the immersive web with Firefox Reality

The mixed reality team at Mozilla set out to build a web browser that has been designed from the ground up to work on stand-alone virtual and augmented reality (or mixed reality) headsets. Today, Mozilla is pleased to announce that the first release of Firefox Reality is available in the Viveport, Oculus, and Daydream app stores.

We spent a lot of time talking to early VR headset owners. We asked questions like: “What is missing?” “Do you love your device?” And “If not, why?” The feedback we heard the most was that users were having a hard time finding new games and experiences. This is why we built a feed of amazing content into the home screen of Firefox Reality.

– Andre Vrignaud, Head of Mixed Reality Platform Strategy at Mozilla

Read More at :

‘Technology being everywhere all the time is a big challenge’

Updates from Mitchell Baker’s live interview on France 24

Mozilla’s message is about “blending economic good, private economic incentive, and social good, with the parts of humanity that aren’t generating revenue”. While Mozilla may have been perceived as “cute” in the past because of its non-profit stance, Baker says many are now "starting to understand that technology has a deep impact on society”.

If you missed this interview, watch it here also:

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