How to create and try a spell-checker of a new language?

I am working an open source dictionary project for a language that isn’t yet listed on
Specifically it is the Ladino (Judeo-Espanyol) language using the Latin abc, though the specific language probably does not matter.

I would like to be able to create the necessary files to make it easy for others to install and use this add-on. (and get it listed on that page)
I would also like to be able to try it in my browser (running on Linux btw) before I submit it to Mozilla.

If I understand it correctly first I need to create the .dic and .aff files used by hunspell. I’ve done this. I can use the spell-checker on the command line.

Is that correct?
What now?
How do I package these files so I can install them locally?
How do I submit it to Mozilla?
And a bit later: how will I be able to update the version served by Mozilla?

BTW the source of the project is here: