How to find Thunderbird v52 addons and themes

Hi, is there somewhere to find themes and addons which work in v52.9.1? The old themes are not on

Complete themes that work with TB 60 and lower, depending on the theme, are here:

Extensions are still available for older versions, although you may have to look at the ‘view all versions’ page to get the one that works with TB 52.

@sfhowes did you read the question?

Have you tried trawling through all the themes versions to see how many have versions for TB52?


There were about 5, all almost the same, nothing like the theme I want, which WAS in themes before v60 installed itself without asking and wiped out the theme I had. (I reinstalled v52.9.1 and turned off updates until v60+ has workable replacements for the addons I am dependent upon.)

Are you able to help with a link to the old themes which have been REMOVED from that page since v60 came out?

For example, on THIS domain, there is the archive of firefox legacy themes (but I don’t know whether or how to use in Thunderbird?)

Lets look at this objectively.

  • This is not the support site. That is here. So you posting is off topic for the sight you are on.
  • The currently supported versions of Thunderbird are 60 and 68. Not 52.
  • Complete theme support basically ends with the release of Thunderbird 68.2 as that will see theV60 series of Thunderbird releases go one of support.

My understanding is complete theme will still be able to be released as add-ons, but the installed theme may override. I went to the link provider by SFhowes and 6 of the 12 on the first page work with V52 so you do have options, but the reality is unless you are working with a supported version no one is going to invest much time in your request. Themes are listed in the site in descending numbers of installs, so those that support the latest versions will have the highest numbers of installs I would presume.

You apparently are looking at themes for Firefox and somehow thinking they are the same. They are not. That is the end of that discussion really. They are not interchangeable.

There are also lite themes, which are similar to Firefox themes They put pretty pictures in the header and footer of things, you will find them here. as for finding those for your version. You option is to look. there is no option of set a version number in the search.

There is no need to be rude to people who ask simple questions that many others probably have, in the same position. Rude answers do not assist people to use TB - they put them off. Is that what you are intending? This is not the first rude answer I have seen from you. Unlike some of the others, there was at least one piece of useful information given- about compatibility of FF legacy simple themes to colour the toolbar area.

BASIC COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUE- if you don’t know the answer, don’t put down the person who asked the question. Just leave it unanswered for someone else to see and answer.

BTW, this is the one that I lost - simple green and orange toolbars, screenshooted it on 12/12/2018

And here is an old one which is STILL on (but you can’t find it in a search).

So SOME are there, just hidden.

Bit of a dog’s breakfast.

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Does anyone else have the answer?
Or even just some simple instructions to change the toolbar colour?

The color of the Mail Toolbar can be modified with a one-line userChrome:

Tested and working in TB 68.