How to get the z-stick gen5 working with raspberry pi and Mozilla of things?

Hi, Im kinda new to all this, but basically i have everything set up, i have the “aeotec z-stick gen5” plugged into my raspberry pi 3 b+. I can log into the webthings gateway, so everything is working. But the led lights on the zstick gen5 is just flashing red, then yellow, then green.
Scanning for new devices in the gateway, nothing turns up, so i am guessing the zstick is not configured or something? How do i even use this?

Thank you

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I got it to pair, but I cant remove the light bulb from the UI, the big red REMOVE button doesnt do anything. I want to remove it because when i press off or on it doesnt do anything and then it resets back to on after like 5 seconds. The light doesnt change at all. It doesn’t pick up the colour change UI either. Only showing on/off and dim settings.

I want to if re pairing it will fix it

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It’s normal for the Z-Stick to be flashing red/yellow/green. To use the Z-Stick you need to have the ZWave adapter installed. You should see this under Settings->Addons.

Are you using a ZWave light bulb? I didn’t know these existed. Which brand are you using?

Also be aware that the zwave devices are availabe in different radio frequencies for different countries and your dongle and devices all have to be on the same frequency.


no progress here: RPi 3, z-stick, fibaro wallplug.
I followed the steps described by kgiori and from the User Guide page.
I do see the adapter and the z-wave add-on was pre-installed. I am having troubles with this step:

  • Clicked + on UI, Press switch on my smart plug, plug showed up in UI - clicked save (device state now both paired and in UI/database)

Did I get this right:

  • When I click on " + " in die WUI, it should turn my z-stick into pairing mode
  • The LEDs will keep flashing in different colours all the time
  • I shall then pair it with my fibaro wallplug (push its button 3 times)
  • the plug should be visible in the WUI


  • I reset my z-stick and my wall plug
  • fresh install of the 0.8.1 image

Feels like I am ignoring the elephant in the room…any ideas?

Ok, I got it to work, although I cannot reproduce the procedure.
This is what I did:

  • reset z-stick and wall plug
  • installed webthings and boot it up with z-stick connected
  • I unplugged the z-stick, pushed its button once
  • plugged in the fibaro wall plug, pushed its button three times
  • plugged in the z-stick, click “add” in the WUI and again pushing the fibaro wall plug button three times
    = device recognized

You should also be able to do it by pressing + on the Things screen and then pressing the button on the fibaro wall plug 3 times.

Note that if you remove the Z-Stick to perform pairing, then you need to restart the gateway after re-inserting the z-stick. The gateway won’t detect that the z-stick has been removed, and in fact there is a bug in the openzwave library which will cause 100% CPU to be consumed if the z-stick is removed.

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