How to install deepspeech tflite on armv7 cortex A7

Hi , i want to install deepspeech tflite on imx7 (using openembedded linux , yocto) , but i failed to add deepspeech layer , so now , i want to install it using docker , pip can’t find switable whl package , that 's why i should build it from source . Have you any idea, how i can install deepspeech on imx7? Thank you.

If you don’t care to share more explicit things you performed, there’s no way we can help you.

We have python wheels published for linux/armv7 and we have documentation on how to rebuild … Please read it?

Here, e.g.,

As documented, we only support those on Debian/Armbian/Raspbian and we only test on RPi3 cores. I’m unsure it can run directly.

And you can rely on existing guides for Python bindings, just add TARGET=xxx.

That being said, given the specs of i.MX7 Cortex-A7, I’m doubtful a full blown generic model will work, and it’s very likely you will have to train your own model with a lower n_hidden value to reduce the complexity of the network.