How to make self-hosted cross-browser addon? Is Firefox the only one allowing self-hosting?

Hello guys,

My addon’s link is this.

The problem I’m discussing is not on Firefox. Firefox and AMO are doing well on that.

I’m having question about installing and auto updating a self-hosted addon on other (chromium based) browsers. The main reason is many of my users (eg. people from China) can’t connect to addon store.

Installing addon

Giving them .crx file, telling users to turn on developer mode and load the extracted folder is not so elegant. It works for now. Still I would be glad to hear some advise on this.

Installing is okay, comparing to unknown feasibility of auto-updating.

Updating addon

Firefox allow update_url in manifest.json to be any URL.
Chrome allow only their server (doc)
Edge seems allow Chrome’s server and Edge’s server only (doc)

Not sure about Brave, Vivaldi, Opera or others. And some browsers that have mainstream users from China: Sogou Explorer(搜狗浏览器), 360 Explorer.

Have you guys ever release a cross-browser self-hosted addon?

I need some advices.