What to put under update_link for self-hosted addon

I have a self-hosted addon: https://github.com/BPower0036/multi-account-containers/releases/tag/

I want it to auto update, so I set the following in the manifest file:

  "browser_specific_settings": {
    "gecko": {
      "id": "@testpilot-containers-wildcard",
      "strict_min_version": "91.1.0",
      "update_url": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BPower0036/multi-account-containers/wildcard/src/update.json"

In the update.json file I put the following, but according to extension update manifest you need a update_link

  "addons": {
    "@testpilot-containers-wildcard": {
      "updates": [
          "version": "",
          "browser_specific_settings": { "gecko": { "strict_min_version": "91.1.0" } },
          "update_link": "...."

What should I put there, since I can’t make my own .xpi file?

You download the signed unlisted XPI from addons.mozilla.org, upload it to your own server (or github releases etc.) and then put that URL as update_link.

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So if I have a new version I should upload that to AMO then download the given XPI and then put it as update_link, correct?

Indeed. See also https://extensionworkshop.com/documentation/publish/self-distribution/ for more details on how to self-distribute an extension.