How to permanently install unsigned addon in unbranded firefox

I created borderify extension and I want to install it permanently (not only for current session as in tutorial). How can I achieve this? PS. I’ve already zipped it with web-ext build

Hi @fawis! Your best bet is to side-load the add-on. Here are the instructions for how to install it:

All I want is private unsigned addon. In firefox it’s such a pain in the ass. I need specific firefox branch (unbranded) in order to use stable release with unsigned addons and all this juggling to make addon permanent. It make me sick. In chromium it’s just one click. No whims. I am serious tired. This is why I still use fx 56.

I tried to follow “Installation using the standard extension folders” but it doesn’t work. Maybe because I use this browser in portable mode (no-remote -profile “abc”)

Just… no… signing

Check “What are my options if I want to install unsigned extensions in Firefox?” at

tl;dr is you need to grab proper build (Developer Edition or unbranded), then go to about:config and set xpinstall.signatures.required to false

It is not legit answer to the question, but it is probably easier and faster to register developer account on AMO and use it to distribute the extension manually.