Unable to install unsigned extension in Firefox Developer Edition


I’m working on an extension that I’ll be using at work. I’ll probably wanna share this extension with my coworkers as well.

Since I absolutely can not upload the code anywhere, it can’t go through Mozilla’s signing and review process.

According to the internet and posts here in the forum it should be possible to install an unsigned extension in Firefox Developer Edition. So, I tried that and it doesn’t work:

I’m pretty sure I’ve done all the required things:

I’m using the Developer Edition:

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 15.28.23

I’ve disabled signature verification:

There are no linting issues (sorry, only 5 images allowed for me) and it builds successfully:

I can load it as a temporary extension:

What am I missing?


Check your manifest.json file to make sure that you have defined the browser_specific_settings and specified an id otherwise you won’t be able to load the extension normally.

See these pages for more information:

  1. Signing and distributing your add-on: Signing your add-ons
  2. browser_specific_settings

Thank you, that made it work!

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