How to Publish AddOn

Hi, Could any one help to publish an addon to multiple users like firebug ?

Once you have wrote the addon. You can upload it here:

Hi Noitidart,

thank you for your support… i did the process what mentioned for upload steps and my extension added also …like below its showing …

but i want to show here…its not coming…

-Nagakalyani A

Hi ,

previously i have tried unlisted addons…noi i uploaded for listed addons…

while clicking on xpi file, showing error:

could you please help any sample extension…

-Nagakalyani A.

You can find some information on listed and unlisted here:

You are getting this error probably because it hasn’t been reviewed yet. Can you share with me here a link to your addons settings page, or listing page. I will take a look.

This addon is just a mostly a copy of the demo addon. The changed parts aren’t not enough. The title needs to change. The description should explain what the addon does. I can’t approve this. But the way you did it is correct. When you want to get your real addon on the market, do it the same way.

Please see my notes in the approval.

Hi, am getting error like this while accesing addon
Firefox can’t find the file at moz-extension://5f641aec-6742-443d-b1c3-feeefc2e0419/popup/default.htm

thanks for aproved the extension and review notes…
how we can update new version … please

To upload a new version go here:

Then click on “Upload New Version” -

Yes…i tried like this but showing error:

why am getting this :slight_smile:Firefox can’t find the file at moz-extension

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