How to recover old pads in pad.mozilla

Hi people, sorry if this is not the forum to ask for help, but, in the migration to etherpad lite, I lost all my PADs…Didi u know how could i recover it ? thks. An example link is this :


My understanding is that the period to request old pads is long overdue, and Mozilla groups using it got their backups time ago.

@mhoye might be able to provide an extended explanation.


The old public.etherpad is now dead so basically everything is lost New Pad, New Paste
I already written to them to try to recover like 20+ more pads that my community had there.
Instead for the new one the stuff is kept just for 7 days also if you are logged so basically Mozilla killed one of the tool most used by the community.
Try new services like cryptopad because also will be killed for the end of the year.

We had a header on that site saying “this service is unsupported, please back up your data” for almost a year before we had to shut it down because of five-alarm infosec emergency.

We’ve replaced it with a service that we can actually support over the long term now, with the sole caveats that it will never be a long term information storage system, and you need some sort of account to log in. And considering the number of infosec emergencies we’ve had to wade through that have been born on that site, those don’t seem like unreasonable precautions.

I’m happy to revisit the decision about how many days a pad can lie unused before we need to wipe it, as long as the number you’re looking for isn’t forever. Etherpad is not a long-term storage medium, and “forever” isn’t something we can promise for that service.

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My suggestion is try , that it has the ability to sync your pad to Github repo as .md file, which is more like to be last “forever” on the net.

Thks a lot everybody, certainly the tragic-comic is that I know that nothing is forever in pads :-). To late for cry :-). We are creating our pad service in our server now, but, thks again for the tips…