How to resize the Min Vid window?

(Neil Messelmani) #1

Hey all, I wanted to know if it is possible to resize the window? because the original size is quite small, especially on higher resolution screens.

(Petar Benke) #2

In KDE you can hold Alt, right click on video and drag to resize it.

(Fred Rocha) #3

+1 for this, I am unable to resize the window on macOS. It’s pretty small indeed. :slight_smile:

(Gleb Griboedov) #4

What is and where is KDE? Explain in detail, please.

(Petar Benke) #5

Ah well, I assume you are using Windows OS. I was refering that under Linux OS, KDE environment, you can use Alt key and mouse to drag and resize applications. I didn’t tried Min Vid under Windows, sorry.

(Petar Benke) #6

Just found tiny Wndows application called AltMove ( With this application you can use Alt key + left mouse button to move window around, Ctrl key + left mouse button to resize window and by dragging right mouse button up you can maximize/restore window. But yes, Min Vid should have all that built-in.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #7

Yes this trick is very cool but it only for KDE users, like me.

(Frédéric Bolduc) #8

There’s an option to set a default size for the window in the addon settings as well.

(Leo McArdle) archived #9