How to resize the Min Vid window?

Hey all, I wanted to know if it is possible to resize the window? because the original size is quite small, especially on higher resolution screens.


In KDE you can hold Alt, right click on video and drag to resize it.

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+1 for this, I am unable to resize the window on macOS. It’s pretty small indeed. :slight_smile:

What is and where is KDE? Explain in detail, please.

Ah well, I assume you are using Windows OS. I was refering that under Linux OS, KDE environment, you can use Alt key and mouse to drag and resize applications. I didn’t tried Min Vid under Windows, sorry.

Just found tiny Wndows application called AltMove ( With this application you can use Alt key + left mouse button to move window around, Ctrl key + left mouse button to resize window and by dragging right mouse button up you can maximize/restore window. But yes, Min Vid should have all that built-in.

Yes this trick is very cool but it only for KDE users, like me.

There’s an option to set a default size for the window in the addon settings as well.