How to self host a web extension?

This is the first time I am trying to self host a mozilla addon (or web extension). I have already generated signed xpi file using web-ext tool. Can someone please share the next steps to host the web extension so that users can directly install web extension from my site ?

Even a documentation link will be really helpful.

Here is an example of hosted singed xpi file

When I open this link in Firefox, it says

Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install this software.

How can I fix this problem ?

Any help on this issue will be really appreciated!!

You need to create an HTML page and installation can only be triggered with user’s manual click. Opening the link of xpi file directly does not allow users to install the addon.

So I created a simple HTML page like this:

        <center>Install Requestly on Firefox</center>
        <a href=""> Click here on download </a>

After hosting this page and clicking on download link actually installed the addon in Firefox v49.

Does this still work for you in the newest Firefox? I’m trying to do the same thing and the solution in your last post does not work for me. (

Can someone answer this question ? I have no idea how to self host my extension. It would be a great help.

Do you already have the signed .xpi file?

Do you have a web page where you will offer the extension for download?

As mentioned earlier in this thread, you can add a link to the .xpi file on that page. For best results, your web server should send the file with the application/x-xpinstall content type.

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Hi @bonniesimon, you can use these instructions to get your add-on signed for self-distribution. Once your add-on has been signed, you can download the .xpi file from your Developer Hub on You can install it for just yourself, or you can make the .xpi downloadable from a web property like Github or Wordpress.

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