How to suppress automatic sidebar opening after extension version update

My extension adds a sidebar to the Firefox browser window. I’ve noticed that if the sidebar is closed, a version update of my extension causes the sidebar to suddenly open.

I can see this as being disruptive to the end user when my extension’s sidebar opens by itself when they’re not expecting it to. Is there a way to prevent the sidebar from being opened automatically after a version update, if the user has closed it?

Sounds like a bug, it may be better to report it to bugzilla.

I use sidebar in one of my addons but I set “open_at_install” to false which keeps it closed on install and update.

  "sidebar_action": {
    "default_icon": {
      "128": "128.png"
    "default_panel": "popup/popup.html#_sidebar",
    "open_at_install": false