How to use webcam connected on raspberry pi with webthings

Hi people from Mozilla IoT,
I am a brand new webthing gateway user and would like to use an usb webcam connected into the same raspberry pi 3 model B which has the webthing gateway application running.
How can I add a video streaming into the webthing page from which I could see this streaming from my cell phone?
Are there some API, extensions or addons that could help me with this application?
Thanks in advance and best regards,

The only camera add-on we have right now is ONVIF. If you can figure out how to turn your camera into an ONVIF camera, then that could work, otherwise you might want to look for a different solution or build an add-on.

For instance, this can turn a camera into an ONVIF one:

However, the add-on has had issues with rpos in the past, so I can’t guarantee that it will work.