Camera support?

Anybody knows if there is a cheap camera that works with webthings?

There are a few listed here. In theory, any ONVIF compliant camera should work, but in practice, that’s not necessarily true.

Thanks but i am having a hard time finding a onvif profile s camera that is cheap
There are som on a chineese site that states it is onvif compatible but can i trust it?

Trust is subjective. I tend to mistrust most connected cameras, regardless of origin, so I only plug them in during testing.

Do you know of any working unconnected camera; I mean one that does not expose anything to the internet, just on my local network

I personally don’t, though I’m sure they exist. You could look at firewalling off your cameras, but that’s obviously considerably more work.

I have a specific function in my router that does that, it should be enough, but there is no guarantee that the camera will work at that point…
Thanks for the reply anyway, it’s probably easier to attach a usb camera to the gateway machine (or another one) and start it somehow

This one works without the cloud. It is not WiFi but is PoE which is nice:

While this does work with ONVIF phone apps, I have not been able to make it work with the Gateway. I have not tried it again since the 0.10 update.

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Ok thanks, my ideal thing is something that works with the gateway and without internet; but I have no immediate need for such thing, I will buy one when it has everything I need.


if it is still actual have a look at my issue (solved) to get cheap chinese camera working.

I can recommend this camera if you are looking for something cheap and I would suggest to configure it so it does not have access to internet (put it to IP segment that is not allowed to connect outside).


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