HTML-Assessment wanted for Structuring a page of content

Hello! I’ve done the skill for"structuring a page of content",there are something difference between my page and the example page, so I would like an assesment for"structuring a page of content"test.

Here is my solution for the skill test:

Here is the assessment page:


Hello @754194868

you doing great but there some notice here:

  1. what is tag m and f i think it should be main and footer
  2. nav is part of the header
  3. aside is part of the main
    4)all the article should be part of main /aside or footer

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello @justsomeone

Thank you for your assesment! It really help, I will revise my page.

Hope you have a nice day as well :grin:

Hello @754194868

you very welcome and thanks a lot :slight_smile: