I am frustrated! All machines are not Working!”

This session is facilitated by Winnie Makokha

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About this session

This is going to be a fire-side chat, with an aim to debrief and empower.

Participants will give examples of their experiences with any massive machine failure that affected a substantial amount of people in a place/country/region. These experiences can be grouped together in an organic way where similar themed experiences are discussed.
For every of the experiences shared, the participants will then offer a brief on what they did /can do as a community or individual to navigate the situation.

Goals of this session

To highlight various local and global examples of a widespread system/machine failure.

To give participants a chance to debrief about the frustrations they have experienced with a system failure. What does it mean to have a single point of failure?
To highlight various ways communities have been organizing on centralized systems in order to provide each other with tips. The aim of this is to give participants a sense of empowerment.
To keep up the conversation on decentralization and keeping monopolies in check as an internet health issue.

We had a fruitful 45 minute discussion between Malwine , Alia and Myself (Winnie). From the discussion, Malwine a sketch artist put this sketch note together.
Key pointers being: We need to always keep the conversation alive that technology can fail and as a result always think of having decentralized systems that don’t expose us to single point of failures.
Another insight into the discussion was that most centralized systems offer us convenience and discussions around decentralization are always a balance between convenience and reliability.