I am looking for software to block sites from the search

It should be simple to implement. I see a web site that irks me so much that a single click should prevent it from ever being seen on my system. Not in the browser, not in any link from a site, you name it; GONE!


Sounds like you’re halfway there! :slight_smile:

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If you want to keep a site out of your History, I have an add-on for it (Historia).

Blocking a site can be done with most ad-blockers.

Removing it from links on the pages can also be done but takes a lot of resources.

Does this prevent the blacklisted site from showing the search results?

It is not enough to prevent it from showing after I select it from the list. I don’t even want it in the list to begin with.

For example, if I want to purchase an “A” and Alphabet.Com sells "A"s but I have a tiff with that site. I don’t want it to show when I search for to purchase "A"s.

erosman’s suggestion wouldn’t do that. You need another addon to scan all pages for the URLs you don’t like and then hide them, along with any associated text, from the DOM.

My quest exactly. It would be a true blacklist.
I will keep looking, maybe someone will write one and retire on my idea. ) :

Do it yourself. Scratch your own itch! If you don’t know how to write an addon, it’s easy (but takes time) to learn. We’re here to help you along the way. Post questions in the Addons Development forum.

Eric Jung


Easy? easy for you to say… ( :

For starters: In what language are they written?
Next: As picked up from the suggested forum, what is an IDE?, Bootstrapping? SDK? Extension? Overlay Extension? restartless? CFX tool? API? sandboxing? MDN? Most of these are all new or forgotten terms even after 30 years of programming experience.

No, I am not asking to have someone define them here and I wonder how it would be taken to ask them in the Addons Development forum. It would not even be useful for someone t send me a link to a glossary of the terms.

No, I doubt that at my age and condition that I will be able to pick up all this enough to write one. Heck, most of the type itself in blogs, fora and web sites is also fighting me with this recent change to anemic fonts and preventing me from being able to see them let a lone learn from them.

Most of the time, I have a difficult time even seeing the text box in which I need to enter a question. This site is much better than average though.

I was hoping for someone to say “No problem, here it is,…”

Well, you yourself wrote in the original post: “It should be simple to implement” :slight_smile:

It’s also easy to build an airplane from scratch if you know nothing about airplanes or how they work. My point is: it’s not easy once you start to understand the scope of the problem.

Many of the terms you mention are not relevant to what you want. All you need to write this addon is a text editor (like Notepad on Windows), Firefox, MDN (mozilla developer network–it’s a reference website), and lots of time and patience. The skills to learn are Javascript, HTML, and (though not strictly necessary), CSS.

I don’t know what your preferred learning method is, but if you don’t mind videos, there are almost too many good ones from which to choose. I personally can’t stand teaching videos. Regardless of whether your prefer to read or watch, I would start with a “Hello World” addon. If you want pointers to start, let me know.


Probably a poor choice in terminology. Implement (verb: to put into effect, to perform, execute) as in to run the program. I did not intend to suggest that the design of the program was easy to code. Granted, it was not a good choice.

I am versed in HTML, Java Script and CSS. I figured Add-ons were written in C++ or so. How do I find one to open in Notepad++?

A video might be good to start so I can see the terrain.

If you already know Javascript, HTML, and CSS then you are more than 1/2 way to writing your own WebExtension. You need to learn the anatomy of a WebExtension and the JavaScript APIs exposed by Firefox for WebExtension use. I would start here. Then here. Everything on this page is good, thanks to Will Bamberg and community contributions from dozens of other people.

These are the “official” mozilla samples/demos.

As for videos, a lot of the above pages have short 10-15 second videos. I dont have a good reference for end-to-end video tutorials on the subject since, as I said, that’s not my preferred way to learn. However, thinking about it, perhaps it’s something I should record myself :slight_smile:


I am trying to find the time this will need. Right now, I have to contend with end-of-the-year gardening and night freezes/frosts.

Emerogork, what do you mean with “the search”? A search engine? There is an add-on to blacklist websites from Google:


I have it installed and it works for me.

what do you mean with “the search”?

just a guess. question maybe referring to a real-time text parser that tests the incoming page for offensive text before loading the page.
waiting till you know if to blacklist is like waiting for the pizza to arrive to know if you should order.

btw, have you tried Techloq?
the software that you are speaking of is actually a kernel mode module service that comes packaged with windows called windows filtering platform.
there are starter kits in github but the reason i mentioned Techoq is because making use of such tools as WFP requires some knowledge of c++, a deep understanding of winsoc programming, and good grasp of the unix kernel model in general.

Works with several search engines and can filter results:

Well, as long as we’re plugging. :wink: This is my userscript for some *monkey extensions: