I am not sure where to ask this question so hopefully it is ok here

back before firefox made its big changes a couple years back we could get themes that had a 3d look to them. I always ran themes from zigboom and the lavafox themes, now those no longer work so does anyone know of any 3d looking themes for the new firefox? I have searched the addon archives for hours and found nothing even close to 3d looking. my biggest hatred of win 10 and the changes everyone made to their programs and apps is that they are all flat and look like something a 4th grader made in art class. everything looks like it was made out of layers of craft paper instead of 3 dementional this link shows what I am talking about. https://www.zigboom.com/uploads/6/8/3/0/6830684/screenshot_2_orig.png

any help in finding the right direction to find a truly nice looking browser theme would be appreciated.