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Past few years i used FT Deep Dark Theme. Today FF updated and that theme become outdated, like dozens of other full themes. New FF look, for me, is awful and unpractical. Everything is too big and moved.

How can i install old themes, that are uncompatible with new version? Or how can i back to old version?


Full themes are incompatible with Firefox Quantum and there are no plans on making them available again at this time.

For the problem of the new interface seemingly being too big, there is a solution to some degree, you can switch “Density” to “Compact” in the Customize area (bottom line).


That helped a little, many thanks! But it’s shame that full themes won’t be available for now. This feature was one of my favorite in FF.

I agree, I had been a Full Theme designer since very early Mozilla suite days and for most the Firefox’ history, but it was a decision of the add-ons team that together with other legacy add-ons, full themes would be deprecated and that there would not be a full replacement for them.

This is VERY bad decision. Those “little themes” are not enough. I loved complete changes in full themes. I will see if i can get used to awful new look, or smile to the Chrome…
Anyway, thank you for that information :slight_smile:


The ugliest browser interface I ever seen. I have always been a fan of the idea standing behind Firefox but now I cannot put up with the thing that makes my eyes bleed so awfully. I would like to say goodbye to Firefox. Switching to Google Chrome.


I am using latest Firefox Quantum 57 minimal theme, is it possible to remove left gap of first tab and top margin of all tabs (see attached) which CSS file to edit and what are the classes, anyone please advice.

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I’ve been using Lava Fox themes for years! Can’t stand white drop down menus now. I don’t know why, but just can’t change them to black with Stylish/Stylus/chrome.css. Any help would be appreciated.

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Yeah, this is pretty horrific looking compared to the old look.


Those looking for CSS modifications should search the
Mozillazine Forum; there are numerous topics related to
this approach.

All presuppose that Chrome>userChrome will continue
to be supported. I have doubts about that.

Зачем мне Фаерфокс который выглядит как гуглхром, я больше не хочу использовать этот браузер

@bargman and @tristan, have you noticed that there is a built-in dark theme available now? Try it out if you haven’t. It won’t be as customized as DeepDark of course, but at least in my opinion, it does just enough.

And to those saying they’ll now switch to Chrome: are you sure it will give you the themes you loved in Firefox back? Is its default theme any better than the default Firefox one? I use both daily, and I really don’t think either is true.

BTW, in my personal opinion, complete themes were always one of the least useful features of Firefox, so assuming that dropping their support helped make this browser leaner and meaner, I’m all for it.

Dark theme is not does just enough. Dark is only frontend part. Even browser Edge can more. Dark theme is only limited dark theme without picture.

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Taking flexibility and freedom away from users is always a bad decision. I simply don’t like the new theme - or all the flat / square / monochrome UI designs that seem to be the new trend, for that matter. Is there any (other) place to publicly complain about this to the Firefox developer community?

I get that Firefox Quantum is twice faster than previous versions, but I don’t really care. Speed/performance in Firefox has never been an issue for me, but the new look and the inability to change it definitely is.


Just a question : why Firefox don’t take the theme present and active on the computer ?
It will be in harmony with our personal choice

Too bad. It’s unfortunate that this decision has come to pass.

Thanks for not informing us prior to updating the version. To not notify in some way, perhaps with an ANNOUNCEMENT that legacy and/or full themes would no longer be compatible with FF 57 and beyond, is beyond approach, and totally out of character with what I have seen with the FF mission statement. To see my new browser, stark and clumsy that it may now be, that appeared AFTER the most recent version, was quite the shock after using LavaFox themes.

Unfortunately, from what I’ve read, developers must now start from scratch to create a full-sized theme. I wonder how much thought the ‘add-on’ folks knowingly considered this issue when deciding that full themes would no longer be viable with newer visions.

I just saw the link about the upgrade change in android phones…Now I understand why my dark theme was removed. Thanks…

I will not use chrome, but if I had another option that supported full themes, I would certainly switch from FF…

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Here’s an option you may like:

From link above: “Makes every page (or only pages that you want) to have light text on dark background. Exact colors are customizable.”

I use it sparingly, custom color options are easy to use.

I agree. I changed to Firefox because it looked good and there were themes, now its damn ugly and they have banned themes. Time for a different browser!

I agree. I changed to Firefox because it looked good, not anymore and you cant change it, Time for a different browser!