I don't see any option to debug the sidebar code

I’m running Firefox Developer Edition 96.0b9 (64-bit) on macOS Monterey 12.1.

My extension is called Context Search. It’s available on Github here and on AMO here.

search_results.js is the sidebar script that gets loaded from search_results.html, but I don’t see it in the debugger panel.

You likely have to select the correct context, though interestingly the instructions to do so are only present for the HTML of the options page at https://extensionworkshop.com/documentation/develop/debugging/#debugging-options-pages

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your answer, but I still don’t understand what I have to do to be able to debug the sidebar code.

A practical example would help a lot.

Kind regards,

Hi Oliver,

Maybe you have already figured it out. I was looking the the same answer as you, so I thought this is a good place to note something down.

You screenshot shows a problem with the firefox developer tools. When the window too narrow you are missing important information.

If you widen your window a bit then you will see a new icon appear to the left of the “…” of the developer tools:


The blue one, above the word “Changes” that looks like a layout. When you press it you get a dropdown and you can select the page that is loaded in the sidebar.

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Thank you. Mozilla support isn’t always helpful!

I’ve found myself having the same issue. But in my case it seems to be something that happens on Firefox Developer Edition; if I switch to the regular Firefox version this does not happen.