Missing Features Firebug had that I really need

(Chisum) #1

When debugging javascript in development this was a hugely useful feature. Chrome has something similar but it isn’t as robust and as such is frequently not even useful and firebug won’t even work anymore.

For those of you that didn’t use it basically it would let you right click an element and ANY javascript event on that element or change to that element through javascript (and I may remember rusty but believe you could do it on all sub elements too) would break into the debugger. I found so many scripts I needed to edit quickly this way and it’s the feature I miss the most.

Secondly, the search on the debugger doesn’t work right for me and the left hand side is very hard to use. I can search for a text string and use the ! in front like it asks but it doesn’t find it. It also will not scroll the left side and I have to do it manually to show which file I am actually in. When working on sites with 100s of scripts this is very time consuming and annoying. A search should automatically search within the file and if nothing is found search within all files. You shouldn’t have to use esoteric pre strings to clarify your search it should just work. The left hand side should be condensed and more navigable and whatever file you are in should be scrolled to or if you use a tree like structure which is probably better then it should open it. By left hand side I mean the list of scripts when you are in the debugger. I also find it confusing every time that javascript code is in the debugger. Sometimes I just want to (actually most often want to) just browse javascript and it being under the scripts header made a ton more sense to me.

Much of these features are things firebug had that didn’t make it to dev tools and I’ve been waiting a long time for them and it doesn’t seem they’re coming so I am making an official request, because I really miss them ever since firebug doesn’t work anymore.

The other big gripe I have is that the XHR requests don’t show in the console when they happen anymore. They show in the network panel. Which I guess makes more sense but it is less useful for development and I always feel lost and have to sort by source and hope that the ones I wanted to see are on top and most frustrating of all is when I needed to see an ajax request but it didn’t show at all because the network panel wasn’t active until I have opened it at least once that session like really… then I have to redo whatever work was needed to get the XHR request resent, sometimes sending multiple test emails etc and it is just really a pain.

The left hand list of the style editor is also hard to use and I also need to be able to search all files for a text string very easily and I find it extremely frustrating on both fronts the same as the debugger in that regard, it doesn’t easily tell you which file it is in, and you can’t search multiple files for a class name which really that’s the most useful thing to do with it when I am making a change to a site for a client.

Additionally some of the plugins that existed for firebug don’t exist as plugins or features for dev tools. I really don’t like chrome’s dev kit and really liked firebug and I feel like ever since firebug went debunk I’m in some halfway house forbidden from using my full coding powers.

There are some features I find an improvement so I don’t want you to think me ungrateful but these features as the title said are ones I really need addressed.