I tried cleaning my room

This session is facilitated by Pranshu Khanna

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About this session

We are going to talk about ADHD in adults and try to understand how they move around with their super-powers. We’ll start with the executive-brain functions of an ADHD Brain, and then move on to how does it affect their daily life and how do we get out of it.

We’ll then move on to being around technology with tech, and how AI has given the Attention Economy the tools to bring us down when we are at our highest, and it just crumbles down since then.

It took me 2 days to write the proposal as well, because of that. Oh, and anxiety.

It’s a personal struggle between me & tech, it just gets worse when I work in tech. My session aims to be filled with such stories and measures to manage your time when you have this super-power.

Goals of this session

The goal of this session is to:

  • Help people understand that it’s not okay to take advantage of hyper-focus.
  • Help people understand how ADHD works with adults.
  • Help people understand how it is to work in tech, when you have ADHD and platforms are just fighting to grab your attention.
  • Send out a message to the ones who feel the same, you are not alone.
  • Call my mom and say that I did not clean my room.
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