Idea for Mozilla: united newsletter about events and manager

Mozilla has a various web resources. In past I have spent a several days to learn this system and read a texts. For me a information volumes is highly important, because my life is constant absorbtion of information. That is good for you to not see my e-mail inbox. :grinning:

Unfortunately, some time I waste to solve my situation, sort or limit of information. In the most case I hear: “Just delete all useless”. I can’t. It’s like dependence, pleasant. :disappointed_relieved:

In this case I want to ask a Mozilla to help my in solution of this situation. I like events and other activity (tasks, cources, training and etc) instead news, feed and etc. My suggestion for Mozilla is to create the united dispatch which will tells to receivers about events, cources, traning and other possibilities to particiapte, get new skills or apply and upgrade own.

In perfectly case will great if Mozilla will create an united system to manage by subscription. It will highly-effective to attract new users, contributors and save time to others.

More on the CoSS Event Utility found in the recent Sprint I review. Slide 3 on the slide deck linked just over a week back: IAM/CoSS/ParSys Sprint I Review

But, description is poor and hard to understand what is hiding under the some titles. I included to unclear titles: Hubs, Firefox Friends, Mozilla Information Trust Initiative, Inhuman Ads (ads? seriously?).

Returning to the problem. My subscriptions include Firefox, Mozilla, MDN and Mozillians. In last letters were the survey about MDN (yeah, nice) and article about RGDP or something like. That article was boring, it just answered why we possible get of many messages from services in last days and nothing concrete about RGDP, but several times was repeated something like “Mozilla supports RGDP’s ideas, so RGDP is good, because Mozilla is good”.

So, what about description of Newsletters titles? The most strange for me is MITI. Because I am living in country where fake news is national sport and “Find out more about our work to surface new ideas that seek to address misinformation, disinformation, and so-called “fake news.”” you may do eternally.