[Idea] Regional Community Calls [Poll]

Further to feedback over the last year, I propose that we consider initiating a regular Europe region community call.


  • quarterly calls
  • staggered outside of large regional/local commitments
    • MozFest
    • FOSDEM
    • All Hands
    • Global Sprint
    • etc.
  • team independance


We often feel isolated and with limited resources. By connecting together and outside of team specific roles, we could improve recognition and effectiveness through our already limited time & resources, and bridge across current silos/borders. Potential testing ground and encouragement for other regions to do similar.


  • online video call
    • Zoom?
  • recorded
  • open collaborative notes
  • pre and post important points of note
    • translated?
  • asynchronous method for folks to comment and bring points of discussion to (Discourse an obvious match for this but perhaps static blog via Gitlab/Github?)
    • Discourse: new Europe Region COMMUNITIES ‘category’?
    • Discourse: new Europe Region ‘tag’? :heavy_check_mark: done
    • Blog - setup?
  • duration of 30 mins (ideal) - 60 mins (maximum)
  • maximum 5 mins on each topic
    • this could be altered with advance notice
    • notable impact on whole call duration should this be altered
  • designed with a past / present / future scope
  • hosted by a different country each time?


ETA - First call January 2019.

Poll open until December 31 @ 23:59 UTC. You need to login to vote, but your vote will remain private.

Extend your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Fully agree
  • Agree with some reservations
  • Disagree

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Personally is something that I proposed two years ago at some of you in Europe, and at the old coordinator of the Community coach!
So, I agree with you and for ne if we work together on it I’m very and super happy!

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As said by Edoardo it is something that we tried in the past with different initiative in Reps program for Regional coordination but never worked.
Have this periodic meetings is a good first step, I am wondering about the agenda now.
In that way we can see also how to organize and how many people will join and speak, because we are a lot of reps in Europe (and mozillians more) and if everyone will say something the call maybe will be not in time.
With an agenda as example at the call can join only the people interested or 1 for community.

Hi David,

Thanks for bringing this idea for discussion.

Why do you feel isolated and limited in resources? Can you expand that a little more and give a few examples? That would help me understand the situation and provide better feedback.


Thanks for that basic idea support there folks. Don’t overthink it. Quick calls where anyone can get 2-5 mins to talk about their thing to the group. It’s a bridging effort and absolutely NOT a heavy strategy meeting.

Why do you feel isolated and limited in resources?

@nukeador I was not particularly talking of myself. It’s marketing the concept and tapping into emotions from when I too have felt that way. The idea is to build a moment of connection that is not based upon performance indicators, but one of connecting as human beings, supporting and sharing with each other within a culture of experimentation.

Think of it as our highly distributed community doing a show-and-tell. These folks telling US what’s exciting, and absolutely not the other way around.

A little like the weekly update hosted by Potch, or the Global Sprint check-in calls that happen over its 2 days. Call frequency TBD, I’ve come simply presenting the basic idea of quarterly. This may or may not prove appropriate, but it’s a starting point for conversation.

Agenda established before the call. Defined by the things the community wish to speak about. Each speaker gets just 2 mins. A hard 2 mins where your mic will be cut off. :hear_no_evil:

~ 10 mins total on stuff from the past - a retrospective on things that have taken place since the last call (or for the first call - the previous 2-3 months)
~ 10 mins on what’s going on right now - taking action
~ 10 mins on thinking further ahead - distributed community driven future thinking

Up to 15 people could speak for 2 mins each in 30 mins.

The speaker request form could take a similar format to this:

  • who are you?
  • where in the world are you?
  • past / present / future?
  • what you’re talking about?
  • lessons / call for help?
  • where can we find out more?

It’s just 2-5 mins each speaker, so you might only get to 2-3 of those. But the rest of the info is there in the agenda. No waffling on and on.

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More on WHY 30 minutes?