Ideas for local promotions

Hi all, Frisian language is about to have enough sentences to activate it up on the CV website and we are starting to think about ways to promote it to the public.
Of course we will need banners, buttons, stickers and other swag, that’s just the easy part.
What I am looking for is ideas on how to get attention and get the public to speak to their smartphone, tablet, iPad, PC or any other device. What have other communities been doing? Bear in mind that Frisian is a minority language with approx. only 700.000 people speaking.
Her are some of my brainstorms:

  • create a redirect for with
  • make use of a :robot: robot
  • give people free entrance to festivals or whatever by speaking at least [number] of sentences
  • build a website for companies to ‘force’ employees to speak [number] sentences before they get to work :grimacing:
  • setting up booths at events
  • setting up permanent booth at public libraries
  • some kind of gamification
  • connect with larger companies using speech technology in their products like (a talking flowerpot for elderly people)

It would be great to hear more ideas, for which I guess is the biggest challenge, gathering voices.
Thanks in advance and I hope to hear from you all!

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I’m planning to follow this guide,
A horizontal distribution of voices rather than vertical is needed as a strategy in order to maximize quality for proper usage, more contributors and less audio recording per user, if you follow the guide, the recommended number is 225 records/user and validation 450 records/user


if you haven’t done this yet you could contract the association of frisians:

Hi Stefan, thanks for the link, but that is the German version of Frisian, not the Dutch one (fy-NL) I am referring to.