I'll see you in MozLondon!

(Sylvain Giroux) #21

Hi my name is Sylvain Giroux, I am part of the AMO team and I am most excited about meeting our team the very first time since I started reviewing addons code in July 2015!

As a French Canadian, English is my second language. Looking forward to talk in both languages at MozLondon!

Avid of extreme sports such as scuba diving and other thrilling activites, here is a picture of me after my first skydiving session :

(masKay) #22


My name is Tuomas, and I am part of the SUMO volunteer team. I am most excited about getting to know Mozilla and the people involved better!

I am not into photos, but I don’t know anyone who has said no to homemade berry pie, so here’s some, fresh from the oven:

Bonus (in Finnish): Moi, olen Tuomas, tuore SUMOlainen. Lähden Lontooseen perehtymään Mozillaan ja tutustumaan tiimiläisiin sekä muihin hyviin tyyppeihin!

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #23

Hi my name is Daniele Scasciafratte from Rieti near Rome Italy, I am part of the Participation Team and also as contributor for the Addons community for this event and I am most excited about learn new technology and grow my skills!
Here’s a photo that might help you get to know me better.

Usually I do meme of myself or other friends do it to me (and is helpful during events to improve the participation with jokes) but in that case this is the example of my nerditude/geektitude and my life about the Mozilla and WordPress communities.

One before the Italian version!

Bonus in Italian:
Il mio nome é Daniele Scasciafratte da Rieti vicino Roma, Italia. Sono parte del Participation Team e anche contributor per la Addons community per questo evento e sono molto eccitato perché scoprirò nuove tecnologie e migliorerò le mie conoscenze!

Solitamente creo dei meme su di me o altri amici lo fanno per me (aiuta durante gli evento per coinvolgere con le battute) ma in questo caso é un esempio della mia nerditudine/geekitutidine e la mia vita con le community Mozilla e WordPress.

The last meme before the esperanto version, (I’m learning that language as improvement for myself since 6 months).

Mia nomo estas Daniele Scasciafratte de Rieti proksime de Romo, Italio. Ili estas parto del la Participation Team kaj ankaŭ contributor por Addons Community por tiu evento kaj mi estas tre ekscitita pro nudigos novaj teknologioj kaj plibonigos mian scion.

Kutime mi kreas meme pri mi aŭ aliaj amikoj faris al mi (helpo dum la okazaĵo engaĝiĝi) sed en tiu kazo estas ekzemplo de mia nerditudine/geekitutidine kaj mia vivo kun la community de Mozilla kaj WordPress.

(Michael Henretty) #24

Hi Mozillians!

My name is Michael Henretty, and I am an engineer for Mozilla who also helps with some of our community engagement efforts. I am really looking forward to meeting and collaborating with all of you brilliant people in London and beyond.


(Michał Dziewoński) #25


My name is Michał, I am part of the SUMO team and I am most excited about meeting the great Mozillians from all over the world who help us help others! Here’s a photo that might help you get to know me better:
(trying to be as superheroic as the average Mozillian)

Bonus: Hej! Mam na imię Michał i jestem częścią zespołu SUMO. Najbardziej wyczekuję spotkań z Mozilianami z całego świata, którzy pomagają nam pomagać innym użytkownikom. Na powyższym zdjęciu próbuję być tak superbohaterski jak przeciętny Mozilianin :wink:

(Mirna Ghazarian) #26

Heya! I’m Mirna, and I’m an event planner who will be helping coordinate All Hands this year! Totally looking forward to working with Brianna Mark and helping everyone out as best as I can :smiley:

I love the sky, and water, and nature and I wish I had crazy awesome artistic skills to be a photographer. Nevertheless, here’s a local view from my phone (and by local, I mean ~30mins away, which is basically considered local in Toronto).

Looking forward to meet as many of you as I can!

(Rob Schaefer) #27


I’m Rob Schaefer, I am a computational biologist working at the University of Minnesota and also volunteer with the Mozilla Science Lab! I’m looking forward to meeting all the great people working with Mozilla Science Lab but also those involved in other Mozilla projects!

Here is a photo of me at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Looking forward to meeting you all :smile:

(Luc Trudeau) #28

Hi my name is Luc Trudeau, I am a software engineer part of the Daala team and I am most excited about this opportunity to code live with other Mozillians!

Here’s a photo that might help you get to know me better.

Let’s get two things out of the way:

  • I do not own a Ferrari (I just had the chance to drive one on a race track)
    • Although I’m French Canadian and my last name is the same as the Canadian Prime Minister we are not related (at least I don’t think so).
      My passions are free software, video coding and motorsports.

(Mikko Kontto) #29

Hi my name is Mikko , I am a teacher and also part of the Participation (volunteer) team and I am most excited about being inspired by all of the people I will meet in London!
Here’s a few photos of things that make me go.

Our two dogs.

Books. Reading. Learning. Dog.

Gaming. Recently this one game.

I see there are some hockey fans here, so I’ll just finish this introduction by stating Team Finland’s record at the World Championship: 7-0.

Sama Suomeksi:

Moi, nimeni on Mikko, olen opettaja ja osallistun vapaaehtoisena Participation-ryhmän toimintaan. Lontoossa odotan eniten tapaavani ihmisiä, jotka inspiroivat minua!

(Kevingrandon) #30

Hi, my name is Kevin Grandon. I’m a former employee and now looking to volunteer across various efforts. I’m looking forward to contributing to things like b2g, VR, and connected devices.

Here’s me with a robot helper:

See you all in London!



My name is Seburo, I am part of the awesome SUMO team and I am most excited about working with amazing people from across Mozilla to help find solutions to user issues!

Here’s a photo that might help you get to know me better.

This is a shot across what is now known as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the site in 2012 of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. I really enjoyed the Games, not only the sporting action, but also the atmosphere in London. Not only did the Games rebuild a derelict part of the city, but they also brought about a renewed sense of confidence and made people feel optimistic for the future.

(AsmaSwapna) #32

Hey everyone, my name is Asma, I’ll be in Connected Device (Experimentation) team in this All Hands gathering :smile:
Coming to this All Hands, I’m mostly excited to meet some known faces I previously met @ leadership summit and obliviously very excited to get know my team there.
To know be better is to remind that I love new places and new people, here’s a photo I recently discovered inside my homeland, Sajek (সাজেক, খাগড়াছড়ি) , 1300 ft above the sea level, a beautiful small tribal village.


And here’s me on the top of another mountain peak :sweat_smile: being more like a mountain person nowadays.

(Rabimba) #33

That’s the Berline office!! Just opposite to the kitchen?

(Michael Kohler) #34

Hi everyone

I’m Michael from Switzerland. I’ll be in London with the Participation team working on the Reps program (RepsNext), doing Design sprints for our open questions on how to evolve the program. I’m really looking forward to do this and also to meet people from all around the organization to discuss volunteer participation with them.

And here’s me working at our recent Firefox Hackathon in Switzerland (I’m on the right):

(Guillaume Demesy) #35

Hi, my name is Guillaume Démésy , I am part of the Webcompat team! I’m
most excited about working with Mike, Karl, Adam and hallvors. and other webcompat team volunteers.

It’s my first times at an event of mozilla. So excited and a little bit nervous ?

Here’s a photo with my lovely daughter

And here’s a photo with webcompat team at Paris when I met them for the first times last year

Thanks to the participant team for their help

(Henrik Mitsch) #36

Hi my name is Henrik , I am a Mozilla Reps Peer and I am most excited about getting more hands on with current and future Participation priorities!

Here’s a photo that shows me next to a flip-chart. This is my natural habitat where I love to gain understanding of a situation, develop a shared mental model with the people in the room and help moving forward with focused and effective action.


(Michael Henretty) #37



(Tanner Filip) #38

Hi, I’m Tanner Filip, and I’m part of the participation infrastructure team. I’m really excited to go to my first “big” Mozilla event after nearly eight years.

I like this photo, except that my smile is really weird (far right). We were first in line for a Bernie Sanders rally at my university. It was pretty cool, both literally (mid-January in Iowa is cold) and metaphorically.

(Geoff Millener) #39

Hey, my name is Geoff Millener, and I am a volunteer with (and former employee of) the Mozilla Learning Networks/Gigabit team. I am most excited about reconnecting with my former colleagues, making new friends and finding ways to collaborate around digital literacy, equity and education.

Here’s a photo of our dog Isabella, who may or may not have been a polar bear in a past life:

(Kumar Rishav) #40

Hi all!

My name is Kumar Rishav, and have been a conributor to Firefox OS project. Currently i am looking into Connected devices project and right now i am working with Project IoMeT (Previously Eir) team. I am really looking forward to meeting and collaborating with all of you people in London.

Recently i finished my Grad here :slight_smile: