I'll see you in MozLondon!

(Gašper Deržanič) #41

Hi my name is Gašper, I am part of the Participation team and I am most excited about working with amazing Mozillians in beautiful city of London!
On the net there is a lot of noise, many channels, many information. Sometimes it is too hard to focus on new things so I really wish I get more information about whole story.
I live in capital city Ljubljana, but this is my neighborhood

Pozdravljam vse, ki me poznajo :slight_smile:

(Yofie Setiawan) #42

Hi my name is Yofie, I am part of the Participation team and I am most excited about is meeting lots of Mozillians from around the globe with many different passions and different backgrounds…

Here’s a beautiful photo about my city…

And here’s a true photo about the survival in my city… Traffic!

Salam Kenal semuanya!

(Jafar Muhammed) #43

Hi, my name is Jafar Muhammed, I am part of the Marketing Communications team and I am most excited about this new Marketing Communications Team. This is a new team which combined SUMO, PR and Social teams.

Here’s a photo that I took last week.

(GeorgFritzsche) #44

Hi my name is Georg, I am part of the measurements & Telemetry team and I am most excited about connecting with everybody again and planning out the future!
If you can think of interesting questions to answer with our data or use-cases of making more aggregated Telemetry data publicly available, lets have a chat.

Among other things i sometimes just have to travel to different places. Here’s me with a friend i met in Bangkok:

(Dipeshcmonga) #45

Hello Everyone

I am Dipesh from India. I am a part of Experimentation Team (Connected devices) and a researcher in Internet of things. Here is a video of a project I have been working on currently

Here’s a photo of me :smiley:

(Varun Joshi) #46

Hello everyone,

I think I’m a little late here, but here goes: I’m Varun and I contribute to the Release Engineering team at Mozilla, specifically to Balrog, the update server for Firefox. I’m also a student of Computer Engineering and I love all things related to technology, from Python to Machine Learning and AI techniques.

Here’s a picture of my city

I look forward to meeting and learning from you all in London!

(Plaurino) #47

Ahoy Mozillians!!! :wave:

Here’s Pablo, from Buenos Aires. Right now at Madrid Airport waiting my connection to Rome (I’ve finally decided to move there!)

I’m going to London to work with Connected Devices Marketing team, and I can’t be more excited!!

I’m looking forward to meet you all again guys and spend a full week working and having fun with y’all!

Here’s a photo of Franco, Lucas and myself presenting an Arduino controlling the lights in a house with a Webapp (I’m also wearing my favorite Mozshirt) (Yep, I’m the one backwards, but the shirt deserved the credit!)

And here’s a photo with my friend Tayo from the Nigerian community!


(Ghaith) #48

Nice reading everyone, you guys are an amazing bunch by the looks of it !
So, hello, my name is Ghaith Limam, or simple Synergy, I am part of SuMo nation and I am most excited about meeting the rest of the team, especially the amazing community leaders.
I’m also really interested in the Mozilla Science Lab, so there’s that !
Here’s a stream of pictures for you :
Yes these are Sushis, and yes, I’m still struggling to eat with chopsticks.
I also enjoy making GNU/Linux distributions suffer
Pictured here, a Kali distribution having some personality disorder which made Grub detect it as Ubuntu with a Kali kernel through wizardry.
And since this is the Internet and we’re required by law to post a few pictures of cats per year, here’s some cute tiny fellow manipulating me to get some cuddle action going on
That’s it for me ! Hoping to see you all in London !

(Trishul Goel) #49

Hi everyone, I am Trishul, I am part of web compat and AMMO team.
I am super excited to meet the team in person and have insights of the future strategies.
This is what I do when I am off internet :slightly_smiling:


(Anthony Hughes) #50

Hi my name is Anthony, I am part of the Graphics Platform team.

Having recently celebrated 9 years as a Mozillian I am most excited about meeting the hundreds of new Mozillians!

My typical day starts like this…

and ends like this:

I spend most of my time stuck in front of a screen trying to find graphics bugs which have slipped through the cracks. As such I try to spend most of my spare time in nature with my partner.

Here we are enjoying a cool spring day on the coast:

I look forward to meeting you all in London.


(Flaki) #51

Howdy, lovely mozLondon folks!

My name is Flaki, which is short for my official name István Szmozsánszky (you may, by now, have guessed, why “Flaki” is neccessary :smiley: ). I’m from Budapest, Hungary, and coming to London part of… well, a lot of different teams.
I work as a contributor with participation, developer relations, rust, the social media team… and the D&I working group. Oh yeah and I, too can’t wait to catch up with the TechSpeakers buddies! :heart_eyes_cat:

Here’s a more recent photo, some of you might even know the underlying reference, ha! :smiley:

Looking forward to meeting y’all!

(Martin Giger) #52

Hi my name is Martin Giger, I am part of the Add-ons team and I am most excited about meeting many people behind usernames I’ve interacted with and building a better Firefox together!

If I’m not at University or working at a computer, I’m probably playing the Euphonium:

(Chiorean Ioana) #53

Hi my name is Ioana Chiorean, and I am a Mozilla Reps Mentor and Peer being part of several teams so I am very excited about meeting them there. I look forward in finalizing the RepsNext, plan new MozTechspeakers activities, shaping some QA activities around different products and let myself creative around MoFo’s new plans!
RO: Bună, numele meu este Ioana Chiorean și sunt un mentor si peer Mozilla Reps și facând parte din multe echipe sunt încântată să îmi întâlnesc colegii pe acolo. Sunt nerăbdătoare să lucrez la finalizarea planului RepsNext, să plănuiesc activități noi cu ceilalți MozTechSpeakers, să contruiesc testarea unor produse noi și să dau frâu creativității în planurile MoFo

This is me ( well the Fox version of me):
RO: Aceasta sunt eu, bine , versiunea de vulpiță a mea:

Check my entries under #lifeofamozillian to get a better view of my mozillians side:
RO: Te invit să te uiți peste intrările mele sub eticheta #lifeofamozillian:

I am located in Cluj Napoca, Romania and here is a local view - with the main square preparing for a Film Festival I volunteered for:
RO: Locuiesc în Cluj Napoca, Romania și mai jos aveți o poză cu piața centrală în timp ce se pregătea de un festival de film la care am făcut voluntariat:

(T.M. van den Broek) #54

Hi my name is Tim Maks van den Broek, I am part of the participation team and I am most excited about meeting other mozillians, get inspired, learn new ways to organise participation, talk about the the plans for the future of me and mozilla!

This is me on stage at the summit 2013

I live in the beautiful city of Haarlem in The Netherlands and work as a theater technician in the "Stadsschouwburg en Philharmonie Haarlem

(Yarik Sheptykin) #55

Hi my name is Iaroslav (capital i not L), I am part of the Telemetry team (I am a volunteer). I am Ukrainian but I live and work in Bremen, Germany. I am most excited about meeting and getting to know you all, getting inspiration for the next months, planning the future of Telemetry, running with Ted and taking a selfie with Paddington the bear!

Here’s a photo that might help you get to know me better:

Cheers and see you in London!

(Chiorean Ioana) #56

I support this too! I am Ioana with Capital i not Loana ( like many decided to call me lately :pensive:)

@isheptykin - did u get the picture with the bear?

And why we did not see a demonstration on Friday?

We used to play - we had an - almost - dead telegram group.

(Martin Giger) #57

Because I was busy doing other stuff and traveling with it is not fun.

(Leo McArdle) #58