[IMPORTANT] Council elections September 2016 - Results and next steps

Hi all lovely Reps,

As you received yesterday in your mail - the results are in! Check them here:

I am super happy to welcome Flore Allemandou (@r_HN42fyO-WKqJJnvvAS8F-w), Michael Kohler (@mkohler), Alex Lakatos (@alex_lakatos ) and Adriano Cupello (@dricupello) to the council.

Also Big Thank you and #mozlove to Christos Bacharakis (@Christos),
Shahid Farooqui (@shahidfarooqui) and Arturo Martinez (@thephoenixbird) for their hard work during their term as Reps Councils Members.

As for next steps, the new council members will start the onboarding process. More details in the wiki and in the github issue.

For any feedback, questions or clarifications about Elections don’t hesitate to write to the peers : reps-peers@mozilla.com

Have a great week!

From the council and peers,


Congrats to all @r_HN42fyO-WKqJJnvvAS8F-w @mkohler @alex_lakatos @dricupello.



Congratulations Guys !

Flore Allemandou (@r_HN42fyO-WKqJJnvvAS8F-w)
Michael Kohler (@mkohler)
Alex Lakatos (@alex_lakatos )
& Adriano Cupello (@dricupello)

Good luck as new council members, I’m sure you will be very well supported from Mozilla employees and the whole community !

Hard luck to

Anup Kumar Mishra (@anupkumarmishra29 )
Hossain Al Ikram (@hossainalikram )
Mohammed Migdadi (@migdadi )
Elio Qoshi (@helios )
Daniele Scasciafratte (@Mte90 )
Mijanur Rahman Rayhan (@rayhan )

Without forgetting to thank @Ioana for taking care of the whole process !


Bravo Flore, Michael, Alex and Adriano! wish good luck for the next step…


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Congratulations to all and good luck!!!

Best regards,
QA Mozilla Hispano Team Responsible


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Hello dear Reps,

Thanks to all the reps who voted in this election. Not only to those who voted for me (Although I owe them special thanks), but to all those who considered this election as important to the reps program! A big thank you :heart_eyes: !

I also wanted to thank @Mte90, @helios and @rayhan who were my challengers on this election. Because a victory is only worthy when there is a really good challenge. And there was.
We were challengers but not opponents. We do not have opposite points of view on the same questions but we chose different problems to focus on.

And finally thanks for having opened this election to, not only to reps mentors, but also to reps who are involved in participation cohort.

And I will stop this post here, because it starts to look like I just won an Oscar (and in my opinion, I did) and in 2 minutes, I will start thanking my family (they do deserve it too).


Many congratulation to the all new council members (y) It was a great challenge for we all of candidates and I enjoy it. We were challangers but not opponents. Unfortunatly I did not make the cut, but specially happy for @r_HN42fyO-WKqJJnvvAS8F-w to represent us in the council for the next 6 months! You deserve it (y) Let’s make Reps program more awesome. Wish everyone very good luck (y)

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Congrats @dricupello!