Imported passwords visible in Linux Firefox and Android Lockwise, but not Android Firefox

I used the lockwise password importer
script to import 350 passwords from Brave into Firefox.

Immediately, my imported logins (added via script on desktop) were visible in Android Lockwise.

After many hours, suddenly I could see those logins in Linux Firefox > Logins and Passwords

Unfortunately, I still can’t see the imported logins in Android Firefox > Tools > Logins.

  • I’ve tried disconnecting my Android Firefox from my Firefox account, and re-adding it.
  • I’ve tried manually force Android Firefox to sync
  • I’ve tried removing Logins from the list of synced items and adding it back
  • I’ve tried deleting Android Firefox, reinstalling it from the Play store, linking it to my Firefox account and syncing

Unfortunately my Android Firefox > Tools > Logins list is still blank, even though “Logins” is selected in “What to Sync” and “Sync now” was “Last synced: 1 minute ago”.

Meanwhile, Bookmarks consistently sync without any problems…

Is there something similar to Chrome’s chrome://sync-internals that allows us to see the details of what’s happening in the sync or some other way to make the process more verbose?

Are there any simple shell scripts that we can use to simulate the sync and troubleshoot any problem items that may be embedded in our synced data?