Improving loading and errors on the listen/speak pages

Hi, I’m Zac Software Engineer on Common Voice - apologies for this post only being in English.

We’ve been trying to improve the website’s stability ever since having the site running extremely slowly a couple of weeks ago.

One thing we found was when the website was slow the speak and listen pages behaved very strange.

The problem

The site would show a blank page for content:

  • Loading in
  • Erroring, crashing or failing

Improving loading and error handling

If the page is loading we now show a basic spinner. This isn’t perfect but at least it’s something:

If the page is failing/erroring we now show a error message:

The future

There’s lots we want to make the Common Voice website more stable. With a small team it’s quite hard to priortise everything but we’re hoping changes like this will help!

If you have any feedback/bugs feel free to reply here or send us a issue on GitHub.

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Thank you, I will have a look.

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