Weekly Update: Events workshop, Improving loading and errors on speak/listen pages

Hello Common Voice Community!

TL;DR: Improving loading and errors and Community Events Workshop next Thursday.

How are we improving loading and errors on the listen/speak pages ?

In the last few weeks our engineers have been working on improving website stability. Check out Zac’s discourse post to learn more about the changes.

Ps. I hope you enjoy Zac’s creative memes :sparkles:

Community Events Workshop next Thursday

You are invited to the Community Events Workshop on Thursday 31st March at 6:30pm-7:30pm (UTC+1). Register today to secure your spot or share this post with a fellow community member!

What are the benefits for attending the workshop ?

  • Connect across the language community to share ideas and create event ideas
  • Learn more about the support you can get from Mozilla regarding your event
  • Re-fresh your skills in event planning and objective

You should also attend if your language is currently not enabled for voice collection as the new sentence bands and 75% pontoon localisation rate will reduce the barrier to entry for participation in the project.

Events, Oppurtunities and Intresting things…

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