In the Lightning calendar extension that comes with Thunderbird 91.2.0, is there a way to edit an event directly when double-clicking on it?

I would like to bypass this intermediate window:

What I’m requesting used to be the default behavior in previous versions of Thunderbird.


But you could still right-click on it and select Edit from the context menu.

I’m lousy at arithmetic, but that adds up to 2 clicks to me.

right-click + left click > double-left-click

when you edit hundreds of events it adds up

I second this request and wonder what the rational behind this “intermediate window” is? What is the window called officially? Right-click and “open” brings it up as well… Why “open”? The window allows one to read the description of the event, but that’s also the case in the even editor.

Select an event in the Events & Tasks/Find Events pane, press Enter.

I hate Find Events and disable it, but that is a great workaround.