Increase contributors by "Teach Three"

Impact: To make Mozilla community bigger and stronger by guiding the newbies in all ways possible.
Why This Concept?
In the beginning stages, every newbie finds difficult to learn and start contributing.For
example , I started contributing to Mozilla along 3 others, but they
left as they found it difficult but i stayed. The reason is no proper
guiding. The documentations are way more technical and is not easy to
understand and in my local community, there are only 3 mentors who used
to teach the new contributors but it was hard. Because 3 guiding 20 is
not possible.

What is Teach Three?
is all about guiding newbies in the inception days, Every mentor takes 3
mentees, only 3, which is not a big number. answers his silly questions
and guides himExamplesTalk to him only on IRC , so that he gets to know how his works. discuss about a particular for example web literacy, get his views and correct him.

We can actually track a Mozillians since when has he or she has started contributed by looking at the tree. Eventually the community will go stronger and bigger.

Let me know what you all think about it? :smile:


I think this is exactly where the mentorship program is going, although I think committing to a fixed number above 1 is maybe not the right way to go.

Given workload a person may only have bandwidth for 1 mentee. As well tracking this using Kitherder allows us to encourage contribution other than code contributors and be able to track that as well.

I hear that.
Your comment makes sense, when we talk about tools like (hang out, team viewer etc,. ) require more bandwidth but where as IRC, doesn’t require that.
On other hand, the new contributors can learn IRC etiquette’s while talking to their mentors itself.

+1 to kitherder btw. :smile: