Inspector: "No element selected" (No CSS)

(Patrick) #1

Version 63.0b3 right now, first noticed this in the update that introduced ‘Left-align Viewport’ in responsive mode.

After a while of working in a tab with the inspector open it will stop loading CSS in. Seems to happen pretty consistently, I’ve been disabling add-ons until I’ve just had RES and Vue Tools open now and it’s still persistent.

Opening a new tab will return things to normal, refreshing doesn’t.

Otherwise, I love what you’re doing!

(L Urquiaga) #2

I’m having the same issue.

(Julian Descottes) #3

We recently fixed a similar regression in, which was released in Firefox 64 and in Firefox 63 beta 5.

Can you check if you have been updated to beta 5 already, and see if the issue still occurs for you?

(Patrick) #4

Thanks for the reply, Julian!

I’m still on beta 4 (and as most recent). I’ll keep an eye out for the beta 5 update and keep you posted.

(Modabasi) #5

Having the same “No css properties found” issue with 65.0.2 (64-bit).