Interviewing Users for Mozilla - Course Wrap-up & Community Update

A quick update before I head away for Mozilla’s workweek.

  1. We are going to migrate conversation here to Discourse, we’ve had too many issues with that list being in the Mozilla domain, and by having conversations in the open here, we’re finding people are engaging a little easier.

  2. When you have completed your work for the recent course, please request a certificate and badge here.

  3. If you get a chance, please share any insight you have from your interviews and Large Screens as this is a topic in Whistler.

  4. Resources delays. I have to apologize for the delay in book deliveries, there was a lot of confusion in the beginning with addresses, and now we are waiting for a payment to go through - I know I keep saying this but should be any day. I have flagged Wikimedia books for those of you who have submitted one or more course activities - but you’ll see I am dealing with a Paypal bug which is stopping me from shipping from my area to yours. Wikimedia is on it, and @Akshay is on both of those threads, so feel free to ask him for updates in my absence.

  5. I will be wrapping the contents of this recent course into a self-directed opportunity, so for those of you who signed up and either didn’t start, or feel behind - there is no rush! You can learn and receive certification at the pace that works for you. I expect to be done this in early July.

  6. If you haven’t already please report data for this month in the Marketpulse tool, and encourage others in your community to do the same.

  7. Finally! I will be talking about Community and Research/Market Understanding in Whistler. Thinking Big I would be interested in your vision for the future of this community, what you want to learn, how you want to grow - what works, what isn’t working . If you feel shy or uncomfortable posting you can ping @bobreyes , myself or @Akshay .

Thanks to all of you!