Interviewing Users for Mozilla - FAQ!

Please ask questions you have about the course here, so I can answer them ASAP! Also make sure your question hasn’t already been asked before entering a new one :slight_smile:

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Question: I am registered for this course with a friend, can we do the activities and share-outs as a team?

Answer: Yes! Have fun.

Question What is the course schedule?

Answer: The first week’s outline will be sent out on Tuesday May 26th, and the first Google Hangout is on 4 PM UTC, Thursday May 28th. Check Community Education Calendar for Calendar Events.

Each week after the first, we will continue the patter of emailing the outline on Tuesdays, and holding a Google Hangout on Thursdays.

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Question: Aside from the opportunity to learn, and contribute what other acknowledgement will there be for completing the course?

Answer: On completion of the course, we will offer you a choice (or both) of a Digital Badge and Printable Certificate authorized by the Marketpulse team :slight_smile:

Question: Is there a fee for this course?

Answer: No :slight_smile: This is offered to our valuable contributors without charge. Course materials (book & notebook) will be mailed to you. If you incur any customs charges please let me know and we will reimburse.