Interviewing Users for Mozilla - Interview Planning

When you are done this week’s activities please share. This helps community learn from each other. Can’t wait for next week when we practice some of this!

  1. Your FIeld Guide

The interview guide I used for my interview with Tim Maks:

Posting that video tomorrow as part of our weekly hangout

small note that I am looking for a volunteer on tomorrow’s interview to - interview a volunteer who is joining us for just this purpose :slight_smile:

hi @emma_irwin I’m volunteering myself. Do let me know the timings

Thanks @buluma_michael , I think because you’re new to the course that might be a little tricky. Instead though, I’ve decided to just open up the session so anyone can ask 1 question of our volunteer. That way we can all practice. We’ll see how it goes! :smile:

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@emma_irwin sounds good to me. eagerly waiting for it :smile:

Here is my blog post for the Week - 2 Research :

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excellent work!

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Hey here is my blog: