Introducing Reps Regional Coaches

Also just realizing that it would be great to have more applicant from Region 6 too :smiley:

So finally the application is closed guys!
Actually we received an huge number of applications from around the world!
The numbers? 54 applications!

Now it’s time to evaluate all the candidates with the Reps Council with all the regions, countries, languages, culture differences etc that power our amazing community.

We keep you updated guys!


We have done an adjustment to Regions 8, 9, 10 to make sure we have the bandwidth to support all the countries and most of them are with culturally similar ones (there is no perfect solution :-P)

hummm…I missed this one…nobody ping me

Can’t believe I missed this… :frowning: and I am in Region 3

Let’s follow up in this topic with the announcement

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regional coach from Pakistan is missing…that is not fine:expressionless:

Pakistan is on Region 9 :slight_smile:

yeah ,!!! but there is no coach is from Pakistan.

there should a coach from Pakistan who 'll be representative of his country

Note that Regional Coaches don’t represent countries. There are 2 regional coaches from each region (group of countries) to serve all countries inside it. Regional Coach origin country is not relevant :wink:

@shaguftamethwani and @sayak, regional coaches from region 9 will be meeting Pakistan community to guide and help you, don’t worry.

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hope so…!!!