IRC Channel?


I was just thinking maybe we want to start an IRC channel for using Discourse. Outside of #communityops. I was thinking we could either make a #discourse channel, or we could possibly use #mozillians since that’s pretty quiet. The latter would be done after asking permission of course.

We have agreed to use #discourse

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(Mikhail Khvoinitsky) #2

Why not?
The only reason not to do it is “if you have a question, use discourse!”. But there is at least few cases when it makes sence. For example: “I cannot login” or “I’m sure that $question was asked on discourse but I can’t find a link” or something else. Or if your question is too insignificant.
I think #discourse is great. #mozillians is not too obvious.

(Yousef Alam) #3

#discourse sounds good to me!


So, my concern with moving it out of #communityit is that we’d kill conversation in there (I’m not sure how concerned I am about this).

My reasoning for using Mozillians is that if the channel were going to turn into a place where people stick around and chat, then Mozillians is more appropriate, and this is a tool for Mozillians.

Obviously #discourse is a better first guess, and I think that the work on improving and using Discourse is separate enough from other community ops work that I think it’ll be ok, and I guess I also don’t really anticipate people turning it into a hang out, but I wanted a sanity check on both of those things.


@leo - you are having some thoughts about this sort of thing lately. What do you prefer?

(Leo McArdle) #6

(Moved the post to Using Discourse to maybe get some more perspectives from people who might want to use the channel to ask questions and the like.)

I think #discourse would be the right call.

Reading through scrollback, the last talk of Discourse in #communityit was… okay… it was yesterday with you saying that developer edition is blocking popups… I was hoping for a slightly longer time period to make my point, but I think a lot of conversation in #communityit is already not related to Discourse Team sorta stuff, but more Ops sorta stuff.

I agree that it makes it more discoverable, and I’m not sure that it will necessarily take away from the social side of the #communityit channel, as most people are already in that one, and it doesn’t necessarily have a single point of focus so off-topic topics are more on-topic than they would be in #discourse. (For example, what does arguing about vim vs. emacs vs. nano have to do with Discourse? Not much. What does it have to do with Community Ops? Quite a lot more. [But really, what is there to argue about? nano is obviously the best!])

(Michael Buluma) #7

Couldn’t agree more :smile:

I like the idea of separating the two. Yes, there might be a slight change in the use of #communityit with people discussing in #discourse but again its okay to have this separate so that we don’t bog everyone having to go through ops ideas and all.

Also gives @leo a ‘home’ to be able to work his magic without interfering with the rest of the team and at the same time engage others.


We have agreed to use #discourse!


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