Is it possible to create a deepfake voice that directly changes your speech?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this. But I’m looking for a software that will deepfake my voice directly while speaking into someone elses voice that it will replicate. It doesnt have to be good at all. Does this exist?

You are right, TTS is not yet able to do that for end users. Check for that. If you are into programming, there is branch here to train that in order to work with this repo from one of the guys from resemble. But it will be a lot of work.

Can you please clarify where “here” is?

If you don’t know what a git branch is, it will be hard for you to do that. As I said in the other post, read and search before you post.

I’m asking which branch in the TTS repo it’s in.

The repo ist still in active development and stuff breaks easily, I am not sure you know what you are doing. But start with this notebook.