Is it possible to delete the download history everywhere

(Andreas Englert) #1


i have written a add-on, to clear the list of complete downloads.
Becouse the problem is, that the “clear-downloads” button in the Window, remove
all downloads in state: in_progress , interrupted , complete.

i want to leave the in_progress and interrupted still in the list.

so i tried it with:
browser.downloads.erase({ state: 'complete' });

so good, it clears the list of the Download-Icon in the Main Window.
but not in the Download-History Window.

thank you for help.
with regards

(Martin Giger) #2


(Andreas Englert) #3

Thank you.

But i get the whole list of all downloads. I also think of all sessions.

So if i download some files with different tabs, the{});
get all the files.
So i can make a loop over it, like in the description of this feature.

well, i think i don’t understand the bug.
is it not possible to erase the download-history-list… or is it a Bug in FF.?

with regards

(Martin Giger) #4

It is a bug with the API that it does not allow you to erase items that are not in the recent download history.

(Andreas Englert) #5

thank you.

this was the only reason to create this add-on :wink:
If i had many download in the history, but some are “interrupted” i will never find them.

So i will change it to a check-download add-on. :wink:
e.g. Notify if there are some “not complete” downloads.
then i can erase all with the original “clear-downloads” button.