Is there a way to get energy consumption across multiple site loads from Developer tools?

Is Firefox on desktop at all suited for the task at hand, which is trying to figure out how much energy say 1000x site loads consume? Is it possible to use Firefox on a phone to get some sort of readings?

Ideally I would like to get a number in milliamperes from somewhere, or at least get data from which I can easily calculate energy consumption.

So far I have opened Developer tools, then Performance tab, Settings: Power, then Start recording, open the site, then Capture recording. I am presented with a ton of stuff, of which I’m hoping someone can help me make sense out of.

Please upload and share the link to your uploaded profile here, and we can give you some pointers :slight_smile: Thanks

Here is as an example.

In other news, I got Dev tools to work with my phone and found a suitable reload extension, so it’s looking good so far.

The view is split in 2 parts:

  • the top part is called “the timeline”. It’s divided in various tracks, themselves organized by processes. In this profile you can see everything related to power usage at the very top of the timeline.
  • the bottom part is divided in various panels, they’re useful to analyze the sampling and marker data. There’s no sampling data with the Power preset to reduce the profiling overhead, so you’ll see only marker data in this profile.

You can read more about the profiler UI in our documentation in