Is it possible to read about:performance?


I originally wanted to find a plugin that can show me in the toolbar the current memory usage of the current tab. I thought this is not much to ask bcs we can access the info (at a user level) with the about:performance. After some search I found out we have no plugin/addon/extension for it. So I went forward: “Okay I will write it!” But after reading the documentation, I didn’t find any javascript api to read the performance values. So my question is as the title says:
Is it possible to read the about:performance values from an extension?
If not, is it possible to read the memory usage for a given tab by any way?


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I don’t think there is currently any way to access this from within an extension.

Yes, all internal Firefox pages are protected from WebExtension access. I guess it would be better to ask the Firefox devs for a specific API for your use case through Bugzilla.