Is there a way to restrict the way a donation can be used?

I would like to know whether there is a way to restrict how my donation to Mozilla is used. In detail, I would like to donate for the development of the core web engine only (as I dislike pretty much all more recent changes in the browser itself and in particular not being able to have control over the browser, and donating to that ensures that my money at least does not make the browser worse for me).

Also, the website requires Paypal or CC for “lower” amounts. I wonder whether these methods would also be preferable for higher amounts ($500 order of magnitude) as bank transfer fees in the EU should be negligible, shouldn’t they?

EDIT: I was made aware that there is no way to do that. Seems it’s unfortunate, but that’s the way it is.

(Btw for context: is the reason I initially asked for it, if someone speaks german)

Not for now due to the restriction of for-profit company to receive donations. Currently all donations goes to Mozilla Foundation and not direct affecting developing of Firefox.