Is there some way to get the Firefox Public Data report in spreadsheet format?

I’m working on a time series analysis of Javascript cryptocurrency mining, and I want to retroactively estimate the CPU hashrate of the “average” web surfer for the past couple of years. The Firefox Public Data report would be very helpful for this, but I can’t seem to find a spreadsheet version of the data. Is there such a version available anywhere? Thank you for any help. Magnus

The data that fuels the report can be found by inspecting the Network traffic using Firefox’s developer tools.

More directly, the description of what data is available can be found here with the specific data present at the category/metric subfolder levels, like for default/cpuSpeed.

It isn’t a spreadsheet, but is instead JSON. The data format is documented in mozilla/Fx_Usage_Report/'s which might help you transform it for your needs.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks, chutten! One quick correction: the file documents an earlier, more raw version of the data. The format of the data that the Hardware Report ingests is documented here.

The one difference is that the word desktop currently goes between datasets and datasetName. For example: That’s not documented just yet.