Is vouched mozillians feature working?

While demoing discourse , I saw at @majken some categories with locks that are not available for me even if I am a vouched mozillians.

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Currently, there’s only one category that is locked to vouched mozillians only. There are some other private categories, but they’re limited to a small subset of people for various reasons. For instance, Community Ops has a private one so we can discuss things like security issues, which is only viewable to the Community Ops team.

I understand but it seems I do not see that either - the vouched mozillians one - is there a threshold time till my mail is recognize ( if i change to the vouched one?) ( because i did and nothing happen for like 10 mins)

It only works if the email you used to sign up with Discourse is the same as your Mozillians account. I’d like to see that change in the future.

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@tanner - i did change it to that one - but nothing changed - that is why I asked if there is a time to wait aka threshold till the change is made.

Hmm, I don’t know that the plugin pays attention to emails being changed. @leo would be able to answer for sure, but if I’m right, I think we should definitely fix that.

You need to log out and then log in again.

worked as magic. Thank you all!