Isolation of cookie visibility among private windows of a single profile


What do you thing about isolating of cookie visibility between private windows?

Currently, all cookies in the profile are visible by all profile windows, either normal or private. Therefore, if you open a private window, log in to a site, then open another private window, and open the same site, it will identify you by the cookie accepted by the first private window. The only way to open the site anonymously is to close first private window, or create a separate profile.

If there was an option to isolate cookie visibility, each private window would have its own temporary cookie set. Login sessions would be local within a private window, not common for all profile windows as is currently doing. But different tabs in a private window will still share common cookies, allowing to access different session pages at the same time.

Hi Eugene, yes, regular windows share one cookie jar, and private windows share a second cookie jar. To work around the limitations of having just two buckets, Firefox supports “containers.” More info:

Thank you. Never thought that such functionality could be implemented as an extension, so even didn’t try to search.

I’m still using 52.9 because of the old extension set not compatible with 57 and later versions. Installed Containers 4.03, but it does not even show a menu, just an arrow under the icon. Will try 56.0.2 and 4.1.0.