Issue downloading a deepspeech pre-trained model

Trying to download a deepspeech pre-trained model from github, I always get an ssh error. Can someone tell me how to fix it?
Thank you.

@MestafaKamal best if this were posted in the right forum and generally if you want someone to help you, it’s best to be a bit more detailed. After all, you’re asking them a favour, so don’t make them guess or do more than necessary, even if this means you’ve got to make a bit more effort yourself.

I think one of the forum admins might be able to move it over to DeepSpeech

I’ve flagged the message so that it is moved into DeepSpeech section, but even if it gets moved, there’s no actionable information, so we are not able to help you. Please share more details on what you are doind, and what error you face.

Hello @lissyx
Thank you for your answer. The given command I used for downloading is
curl -LO
and I always get this error
curl: (56) OpenSSL SSL_read: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, errno 104
and the dowloading stops. Please help me with this issue.

This is an issue with curl/ssl on your system, there’s nothing we can do about it.

Seems to be an SSL error, download works for me, if I just leave out the https and use http instead. Maybe this helps?